Cross-border air rescue




Results and outlook – the final report has been published

The project "cross-border air rescue" ended in June 2008 after three years of working time. The project steering committee summarised experiences, results and perspectives in a Danish-German final report. Pictures and interviews of  partners make the brochure comprehensible and easy to read – for professionals and everyone who is interested.



What we achieved so far

The project flyer with information about the project and its current results is now available as PDF file in German and Danish.



First German-Danish simulator training with the rescue forces

On 10 and 11 of November 2006, the DRF organised with the partners of the pilot project „Cross-Border Air Rescue between Germany and Denmark” the first common simulator training for the rescue forces.



The DRF rescue helicopter "Christoph Europa 5" has already carried out 1111 missions

In the 14 months since it was brought into service in April 2005, the team at the Niebüll Air Rescue Center has already carried out 1111 missions – a clear sign that the value of “Christoph Europa 5” is accepted in the region.



Annual meeting of all partners in the project

On 14th June 2006, members of the project from all ten partners met in Aabenraa, Denmark. There were many good reasons for the meeting:



"Cross-Border Air Rescue" as the front-page topic"

"Cross-Border Air Rescue" is the leading topic in the latest issue of the DRF sponsors magazine "Einsatz" (Issue 2, 2006). The occasion that prompts it is the first anniversary of the cross-border German-Danish project.
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Report in "Notfall+Rettungsmedizin"

In the specialist journal Notfall+Rettungsmedizin, under the title "Neues von den Luftrettungszentren" (News from the air rescue centers), there is a report about the German-Danish Cross-Border Air Rescue project.
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A favourable balance-sheet for the year 2005

The Niebüll Air Rescue Center has turned in successful figures for its first year of operation in 2005. In 681 missions since it came into operation on 1st April 2005, it provided care for 113 heart attack patients and 58 stroke victims. 63 accident victims who suffered craniocerebral injuries were given rapid help by the crew of "Christoph Europa 5". Altogether there were 64 flight missions in Denmark, which emphasizes the cross-border role of the project. The rescue crew in Niebüll will certainly not be short of work in 2006.
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Model project for cross-border rescue

In the latest issue of Rettungsdienst (Issue 1, 2006) Holger Armonies and Christian Müller-Ramcke report on the German-Danish Cross-Border Air Rescue project.
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500th mission

On 16th September the crew of the rescue helicopter "Christoph Europa 5" flew their 500th mission, which was to an accident at Amrum. An elderly lady walking on the dunes had fallen and broken her ankle joint. Her 5-year-old grandson asked passing walkers for help, and they alerted the rescue helicopter service. The accident victim was flown to the hospital in Niebüll.



"Christoph Europa 5" on an exhibition tour

On its exhibition tour through southern Denmark, "Christoph Europa 5" made an intermediate stop today in Hadersleben and Apenrade.



"Kick-off meeting" in Niebüll

On 2nd September the "kick-off meeting" of the German-Danish Interreg IIIA project "Cross-Border Air Rescue" took place in Niebüll. The partners in the project and other invited guests came together to review the project's work and to plan its future.



The starting signal for a cross-border air rescue service between Germany and Denmark.

The bringing into service of a DRF rescue helicopter at the Niebüll Air Rescue Center was the starting signal for the first ever cross-border air rescue service between Germany and Denmark. The launching ceremony of "Christoph Europa 5" was performed by Her Royal Highness Princess Benedict of Denmark.